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Clean water pumps with One Nation charity and sponsorships

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

We have now installed 5 water pumps 3 in India and 2 in Pakistan. We have also had sponsorships of these water pumps from Cybrid Security, Simple Honest and Lady Kendal.

If you would like to sponsor a water pump for those in need please contact us and we will give you more info. You can have your business logo, name on the water pump plaque and marketing on our website as well as social media platforms. It will say The Road from Karachi sponsorship by (then your name or logo)

We are in affiliation with one nation charity. This beautiful charity is helping to make this dream come true. See image for costs of locations for water pumps and more.

Thank you for being part of this journey. We hope you are enjoying your book. If you are yet to purchase one you can from or on this website.

Many thanks,

Team R.F.K


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