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Our aim is to help those in need with a clean water supply in
India, Africa, and Pakistan.

We have a target of 100 water pumps for those in need in those areas close to our hearts. So far we have installed 60 clean water pumps through sponsorships, events, book sales, and charity cooking sessions.

We purchased our first water

pump in 2021! however the 100

the mission started on my birthday

26th Oct but in the year 2022! The

aim is to install 100 clean water pumps by June 2024!

You can donate to the go fund me on: 2024-2025 charity water fund  link:

please use the above link to donate directly.

If you would like to donate the whole £150 then please send this to:

Natwest Bank:



sort 52-30-04

ref (your name)

Please email stating the name and logo (optional) 

School visits that we do can also use the above bank details for donations and visits.


This was our old charity fund raising page


We are also now going to be supplying water directly to a school in Kenya. The schools are West End Destiny and Cherish school. If you would like to donate then please click below.


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