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The Road From Karachi







This Indian and Pakistani cookery book has some history to it. The original book was created in the 1980s by my mother and father (Riaz and Khalida Arab) when they traveled to the UK. They taught a successful Indian cookery school to locals in Portsmouth and shared their passion for food and flavors. 


Riaz and Khalida wrote all of their recipes into a small book, which was sold in a major bookshop. The cookery school closed due to a move and the original book was lost. Khalida looked for it high and low and just couldn't find her copy. 30 years later it was found by Nadia through a work colleague and then recreated with videos.

Nadia is a full-time college teacher as well as a fitness trainer. Nadia is also now a cookery teacher, teaching Indian and Pakistani food with her mother Khalida. This has brought these recipes back to life and into the community through cookery lessons.


This book is also available on - order online or pick up at your local Waterstones bookshop  


Nadia Arab

Watch the video below to see the story:

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