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The gorgeous
Cookery book

This beautiful cookery book is now for you to purchase. Enjoy the recipes and the historic story. A blend of Indian and Pakistani dishes for you to enjoy.

The name of the book 'The Road from Karachi' also incorporates the initials of Riaz and Khalida to bring in both personal names and a book title to show their journey with their love for Indian and Pakistani food. 


This book is priced at £19.87 as this was the year Riaz and Khalida Arab published their first book. 


Some proceeds will go to supplying clean water to India, Africa, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. If you have any issues purchasing from this site please look at the blog for hints and tips or message us for help. 

You can also buy this book from:

Thank you for your purchase.

Feb 2021 front cover.PNG
Image by hue12 photography
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