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Mission 100 water pumps

We received the most beautiful images which made us realise the impact of the Road from Karachi CIC.

We are now at 80 clean water pumps installed/installing. What a journey it has been from:

Book selling

Events with business and education

business collaborations

Special dishes on menus

Comedy nights starting next week

Curry nights

Workshops/cookery school

sponsorships for water pumps

If you would like to sponsor one or be part of this journey please DM us. Host an event, sell some books, create a special on the menu at work or business.

Mission 100 aims to be done by the end June. Help us get there. 100 water pumps in 600 days. This will continue after the 600 days as we have loved the journey.

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Thank you to one Nation and African Adventures for installing the water pumps.


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