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Spices in your book

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

You will notice there are some spices listed in the book but not in the method. This is for options. Garam masala is a very strong spice and this one is used more in meat curries then vegetable curries. The chickpea and potato curry is delicious page 90. You can add in the garam masala if you like or leave it out.

This book is to your taste - add more or little spice on these recipes. Some like it super hot, some like it mild. This is your book to enjoy and adapt where need be.

Pls do make sure though that you keep to the spices listed in the recipe. These have been specifically chosen to give you a beautiful taste.

Key spices:

Cumin power

Chilli powder

Turmeric powder

Corriander powder

Garam masala powder


Salt brings out the spices flavour. Pink Himalayan salt is the best for its nutrients.

Other spices include cumin seed. This can be roasted and then used or used on it's own. It has a strong flavour, but very tasty!

Roasting your spices in a pan before use enhances the flavour and makes your curry taste even more spectacular.


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